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Electrical Wiring Diagram for a 2005 Wee Strom K5

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I have an owners manual and a shop manual. The shop manual does not have a complete wiring diagram. Though it does list the switches and the associated colors of the various wiring for them.

In the section 18 they do have a complete wiring diagram DL 650 K7. With the following numbers at the top left hand portion of the page- E,03,24,28,33. I know Suzuki will not spend the money for an upgrade unless absolutely necessary. Would anyone know what those numbers mean?

I have read basic wiring for the V Strom on this wonderful website.

Would anyone know what the major modifications for wiring between 2005 and 2007. Could I use the 2007 wiring diagram with modifications to it?

Have searched the Internet too but it gets too confusing and maybe not relevant. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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My understanding is that those are codes for different regions of Suzuki sales, usually to clarify for different emission regulations. Greater USA, California, Europe, Asia, etc.
chec fault please help may be of help. Only difference is the K4 650's not have the headlight cut-out starter switch but your K5 did.
Poke around more on the web. I know I have seen wiring diagrams for the Wee. I let go of my factory manual when I sold my '17 Wee to a member here so I can't look into it. I do remember on the original that it was drawn up by some naval/marine company. Likely an outsourcing companies that did wiring schematics for boat builders and others.
Codes for different countries.


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Thanks group-will pursue your suggestions.
chec fault please help may be of help. Only difference is the K4 650's not have the headlight cut-out starter switch but your K5 did.
I will print up both of those wiring diagrams. And when raining one day will look at one or maybe both of them and compare to my current wiring. No year on those diagrams.

Again thanks!
The wiring diagrams were linked to assist a member with a K4 Wee. The country codes at the top of each diagram is to allow for selecting the applicable drawing. The attachment in #5 above has a list of the country codes that cover the US states.
Not sure where you are located. Does your ride have a EVAP charcoal canister system? The CA legal bikes do have some kind of system for recycling fumes from the tank through the charcoal canister and back to the system to be burned. Why remove charcoal canister? and DL650 Wee (2008)...what is this bracket for?? has more info on the canister system.
The K9 wiring diagram covers the K7-K9 2007-2009 DL650's and has improvements like twin spark plugs per cylinder. The K4 (2004) will be most like your bike.
The E-03 inclusive diagram applies to Minnesota delivered bikes.
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