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It took me 2 hours yesterday after work to get everything hooked up. Now, other than installing the Stebal I have never messed around with a bikes electronics.
That being said... the Eastern Beavers PC-8 and Vstrom wiring harness made the job a plug and play process. Installing the PC-8 and confirming I didn't mess anything up might have taken 30 minutes. The rest of the time I was slowly fishing three sets of wires from my handle bars to the Fuse Block under the seat. (Rickland Rick’s Aux shelf- 2 power outlets and a Datel voltmeter.)
I still need to wire the horn but I don't have the wiring parts to extend / replace the current wires yet. I will need to do the same with the two power outlets because I got those units from Eastern Beaver with the pre-installed fuses built in. With the new fuse block setup those fuses are worthless and making the nice new wiring setup an eye sore when you look under the seat.
Dealing with Eastern Beaver and Richland Rick was AWESOME and I am always willing to pay that little more for great products that give a great professional look to the end product.
I also wanted to thank everyone on the forum, the wealth of knowledge and instructions gave me the confidence to save some money, do it all myself and get what I wanted.
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