Bought it new, but had an incident with the shock before we could even try installing it. So its still new in box with the adapters needed to make it work with a DL650. My bike is a 2017 V-Strom XT for reference.

Lighter and stiffer than stock, these high quality straight rate springs are made specifically for the DL line.
A proper rear spring will give a smoother more controlled ride.
Stock spring is rated at 8.2 kg/mm for the DL650, and DL1000

This spring is rated 10.7 kg/mm, 600lb in. So a little stiffer than OEM, but not a crazy jump. If you find your rear shock is just a bit soft, this spring is likely to be an easy remedy. I have no use for it now. Ended up getting my shock fully modded.

Price includes cost of shipping. Originally purchased through ProCycle.