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They work great. But, if they are the same ones I bought a few years ago (and they appear to be), the bolt does rust, and the black on the extenders disappears and they become more of a gold color. I'll try to post a pic in a bit.

Link to pics: Snapfish: Share:Registration

Hadn't noticed before, they're actually two different shades of gold. They actually look kinda good, just not on my grey '09 so they'll be going back over to my blue '04, having purchased a newer pair from Richland Rick for the '09 that I expect will stay black.
Looks like anodized aluminum, is it?

I just ordered a set for around $20 from eBay and will report back. My initial thought is to paint both, the bracket and the bolt head flat black, before they change colors or rust. Will post pics once I have these in my hands.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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