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Enjoyed a couple of thousand miles, touring the backroads, mostly Oregon, but some Washington & Northern California thrown in as well. My wife and sons couldn't go with me, so I tossed my tent & sleeping bag on the little 650 Suzuki, and had a great time for a bit over a week. Here's a few photos:

Strom, out in the middle of Eastern Oregon, all set up for a week of camping & touring:

No specific route listed - I just grabbed a map, compass, my GPS and camping gear, and wandered. Great way to see Eastern Oregon, or anywhere for that matter.

This was my first big tour on the Suzuki, and I'm all sorts of pleased with it. Four long days in the saddle, and four more visiting family and friends along the way. The bike was comfortable, averaged about 55 mpg, carried me and the camping gear easily. It handled freeway blasting at 80 mph (to keep up with California traffic) as well as small, twisty roads, gravel roads and two track. The 250+ mile range was greatly appreciated out in the middle of nowhere, Oregon. The little 650 was always willing, and had plenty of power for passing trucks on steep uphill sections. I really couldn't be happier with the bike. The tour was great. Saw places I'd never seen and places I hadn't been in many years. Spent time with old friends and family. Rode through some pretty tough conditions, rain, hail, snow. Temps in the 30's. Not nice for May. At least I'd packed for it, and had good clothes to keep me warm and dry.

Regards, Guy

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Eastern Orygun

It is so cool to see a fellow Strommer out in the middle of nowhere. Nice shots of some big country.:thumbup:
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