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eastern beaver

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is there anyone in australia carry the eastern beaver pc8 fuse block. thanks in advance for any info.
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Just order direct. They managed to get my order to Kiwi-land no worries at all.
Nobody carries Eastern Beaver except Eastern Beaver. He's in Japan and I've had orders delivered to Texas in a week or less.
Eastern Beaver only sell direct and I got the PC-8 block from him and had it within 7 days.
My last order from Eastern Beaver took 5 days to Sydney

I have; 3 Circuit Solution, headlight relay kit and power socket
Agree, order direct. Great people to deal with.

If you want to look at one before you buy I'm sure half the Stroms on this site have one hiding under the seat.

As above, just order it direct from Jim using his payment options, you'll have it within a week.
Had mine in around 6 days or so.
A month or two back I bought a few of Jim's things in the one order so it was shipped EMS - 3 days to Adelaide. (Great quality gear and it fits perfectly.)

I buy a reasonable amount of music gear from Japan and EMS is generally 3-4 days. Get in while the $AUS is still high.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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