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I received and installed my new tires the other day. I order on line, buying from the States and have them shipped to a place right on the US/Canada border.
I had tried to do some searching on the Canadian Border Services website, but was unable to find specific info on the duty to be paid on motorcycle tires.
I did find on another forum that there is NO duty on motorcycle tires brought into Canada by an individual for their own use. Unfortunatly there was no reference to back up that statement. The poster wrote that if the Customs Officer looks under "motorcycle tire", there is no duty.
I usually install the tires on the spot, but this time it was just too darn hot out and the skitters were vicious. I told the Customs O that the tires were made in the US and there was no duty, just gst/pst.
I have in the past brought tires across, stated they were made in Germany (Metzeler) and had to pay duty.
Does anyone know for absolute certain, and can provide reference for the actual rules on duty?
I tried calling the CBS info line, and once through all the menu's, got busy signals.

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