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Since fitting the Elka 3 way to the Strom I must say I'm generally more than happy with the result, all though it did take a fit of fine tuning to get it to my liking.

On a recent multi day ride I noticed the suspension seemed a little harsher than I had ridden it last, which was 200k blast around the surrunding back roads and National Park. Only difference the one day ride and the multi was the addition of panneir frames and around 10-15 kg of luggage.

But I have always believed that the extra weight did not affect rear shock function, only sag/preload

Am I on the right track here ?

If so got me stuffed whats changed :confused:

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Was there a temperature change in the air?

If it was colder, your suspension will be harsher. Temperature will affect the viscosity of the oil, and rebound characteristics of your suspension. Often, that happens more on the front end. But, as you know, what happens on one end, can be felt on the other as well!

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not enough damping can also make it feel harsh too - try 1 or 2 click on rebound and 1 or 2 click on low velocity compression.

yes temp will have an effect until the shock gets warmed up. but i shouldnt think it last too long. In fact my riding over rough roads over a long period without beak is that eventually damping lose a bit of its effectiveness as it gets too warm - u can feel the heat on the elka shock body/shaft if u can get your finger in there.

cheers and have fun tuning
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