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Drowned my Nuvi 550?

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While the instructions and consensus here seems to be that the Nuvi 550 is "waterproof", I think I drowned mine on the way home from Vermont. About 8 hours in to a very wet ride, it just conked out. I took the battery out and let it sit for a few hours once I got home, and then it started up again just fine.

Has anyone else had their Nuvi 550 shut down or experience other malfunctions after a particularly wet ride?
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Wow. If anything, the 550 looks beefier than my 665. My 665 had rain funneled into the back of it for days upon days, with no ill effects -- and it's got an exposed speaker on the back of the unit that collects rain (and mud, etc).

My friend had a 550 that also did not fail due to water, although I believe his was pretty well protected behind a windshield (mine was too, but the CalSci duct funneled water right into my strombone-mounted 665).

Sounds like ya lucked out! Where's the GPS mounted? Got much water protection from your 'screen?

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Nope. Had my Nuvi 550 in some pretty good rains and it hasn't ever glitched out or even flickered.

But mine is located behind the windscreen, so it's fairly well protected.
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