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Dropped 'Er

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Well, I,ve had the Wee four days and finally managed to lay it down coming down my buddy's driveway at the transition to pavement. It is a short and fairly steep drive and I just had her going too slow. The bike keeled over on the right side and flipped me off doing a somersault into the ditch. No harm to me and minimal damage to the bike namely a broken turn signal and a slightly scuffed up decal. Thankfully the engine guard did its job. After a bit of a laugh my buddy and I righted the bike and off I went. Jeesh! Any suggestions for where to pick up a right side turn signal assembly for a 2006 Wee?
On another note I absolutely love this bike! It handles like a bicycle with a motor, goes where you want it too and balances easily. I rarely have to put a foot down at STOP signs in this rural area. This is a keeper.

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Dropped my Vee for 1st time this past Friday...slow, tight turn over obstacle and down I went. Crash bars and luggage took the brunt of it but I was able to right it alone so I feel good about that. I'm actually kind of glad getting the 1st drop out-of-the-way is over with. If I use the bike for what it was designed to do...I'll be down again at some point...maybe many points.

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my 2008 Vee was still running when I hit the ground 'till I hit the Kill switch. If in fact a bike has a 'tip-over' switch, how do you reset and where would I find it? My luggage may have kept it from reaching the required angle of tip-overness
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