Set of driving lights with brackets for mounting on lower fork tubes. Includes wiring harness and bar-mounted switch, completely plug and play.

Lights are by Motolight (Motolight Motorcycle Lights | Auxiliary Motorcycle Lights) and use standard halogen or LED MR-16 bulbs available at hardware and home supply stores. It should be easy to find the desired wattage, beam angle, and color temperature. Mix and match left and right if that's what you want. Extra bulbs included.

Brackets are by Lumalink (LumaLink. Custom accessories for motorcycles by Gordy Tool.), adjustable up/down and left right. They are designed to fit fork tubes that are approximately 50mm in diameter.

I ran these on my 650XT for a couple of years, previously on my 2006 Multistrada.

$175 + $20 shipping to lower 48.