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tenny80 and I have made an arrangement we hope will be of benefit to at least some members of the collective.

tenny80 has paid the shipping (plus a few bucks for a beer or two - thanks, tenny80!), and I sent the OEM shock from my 2006 DL650 to Daughtery Motorsports to be rebuilt for him.

The deal is that when he gets and installs his rebuilt shock, his old shock will then be available for a similar arrangement with another 'Trooper. So, he eventually gets a custom-rebuilt shock, and still gets to keep riding while the work is being done.

The hope is that the chain will keep going and be of similar benefit to other forum members. The recipient, of course, could decide if they want to have the "loaner" shock rebuild or put it on and have their own shock refurbished.


I will leave it to tenny80 to post here as to how he wishes to proceed, but would encourage others to post here and express their interest in being part of this chain.

Also, this (and a dedicated thread) might be a good place to comment on the outcome of a particular rebuild or experience with a particular rebuild service/vendor.

I am to understand, though, that if you participate and hold on to the "loaner" shock or otherwise break the chain, you will be plagued by boils, your crops will fail for five years, and your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth.

PS: I cannot comment on the compatibility of this shock with other years or models. Perhaps a more knowledgeable member could contribute this information.

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Thanks again! If anyone else is interested in the shock just send me a PM.

I think the best way to do it and to ensure the chain continues is for the person holding the shock to ship it directly to Daughtery motorsports for the next rebuild (or another vendor of your choosing of course).

This ensures it's getting rebuilt and not sold on craigslist and it also makes sense in terms of shipping costs :).
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