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Hi there.
2017 DL 650 bought new, well maintained, with 90,000 km's.

Maybe someone has encountered this already:

Switch on. All displays normal.
Am in Neutral
Clutch pulled in.
Press the button - Nothing happens.

Scratch my head and do it again - Bike starts.

This has already happened twice. I'm guessing it will happen again and eventually will die.
My guess: Either the starter switch or the clutch micro-switch thingy are defective.

Thanks in advance

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I would also suspect the clutch "micro-switch thingy". When it doesn't start, hold the start button in partially release the clutch lever just a little and pull in again. Sort of a wiggle back and forth. If it then starts, I would suspect the clutch switch is going bad.

When mine started to go, it acted just like yours. Eventually, it took numerous attempts & wiggles to start. At that point jumpering the wires solved the issue until a replacement arrived. Although mine was about 14 years old and had 60,000+ miles on it.
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