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Does the dreaded fuel leak affect 2011 DL650-A?

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I got my first DL650 in 2004. It developed the well known fuel leak between the fuel injectors and I fixed it by replacing the hose and clamps. I got a 2011 DL650A in 2011, which now has 31k on the odometer. I'm planning to replace the spark plugs for the first time this winter. That would be a good time to replace the hose and clamps that caused trouble on the earlier Stroms. But before I do that I should ask if the 2011 models are known for developing that fuel leak? Maybe Suzuki started using better parts for 2011?

Thanks in advance!

Mike in Washington State
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It's the first I've heard of this fuel leak. I have a 2009 DL650ABS with 105K miles, no fuel leak. FWIW.
It depends whether the bike stands un-used for extended periods. Even the injector seals are prone to the same deteriation due to age, drying out, engine heat, etc.
I don't think that anyone can predict exactly when a fuel rail hose will fail. A bike that is in regular use and has sheduled maintenance is key in my book.
If you have a concern about a possible fuel rail hose failure, replace it and then unless you have a leak maybe check on it again in a few years time.
My DL1000k7 was ridden often. I averaged 15,000 miles a year. It was kept indoors when the wheels weren’t turning.

My cross over hose started leaking around 50,000 miles. I would look at it whenever your air box is off or if you smell fuel when you first start the bike. Replace it with fuel injection rated hose and the proper high pressure clamps. It’s a common issue.
Thanks guys, interesting range of replies. I was hoping someone would say: Nah, don't worry, they fixed that prior to 2011. 😋
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It's not too difficult to fix. Plan to do the air filter while you're in there.
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