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Does anyone have a picture of the HT Cascade panniers on the Wee?

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I have a set of the Happy Trails CASCADE Panniers (7 1/2") on order and was just wondering if anyone has a picture of them mounted on a Wee? If so, can you post it so I can get my fix of how they will look mounted? Thanks. :thumbup:

Speaking of HT, everything I have gotten from them thus far has been well wrapped and boxed when I got it (Givi guards and skid plate). I had to call customer service today because I wanted to add the key locks to the panniers and they dealt with me - without problems - a pleasure to work with.

Plus, you got to enjoy a company that when you are on hold, the message says, "All the trails are dusty right now, a representative will be with you as soon as the dust clears...." Hahahaha. Got the panniers with the sale they had going on, so got them at a good price - can't wait to get them on. They are having to wait to ship until the frame comes back from powder coating. I told them that I was leaving for Africa in a couple of days, so no rush (they are suppose to ship on the 15th) so just wanted to see what they will look like.....

Givi bars went on like a dream (less than a hour to mount). Having to wait on the skid plate mount until I get the centerstand (coming with the panniers) or a buddy to help me since my wife is "half past nothing" and I don't want her to stabilize the bike when I take off the sidestand to mount the bracket.

Thanks folks! :hurray:

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