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Dobeck TFI box.....

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Greetings fellow strommers,, A couple of questions regarding this item. My bike, 07, 11,300 some miles, It runs pretty good actually, however, Custom Dynamics have these on sale for $196.00 ( reg. 245.00) so my thinking is, if they are good enough for Dale Walker, ( Holeshot) then i should be able to fine tune my bike right?? also, whats everyone's opinion on removing secondary throttle plates?? especially in conjunction with this mod?? sure wish there was some kind of tech day around here,, there is lots of stuff i'd like to do, learn about my bike,, but don't have any technical tools, or much know how...:confused: and since i've not really liked how my bike sounds,, Holeshots are poss. in the future....
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Works great on a Harley

The Dobeck TFI box was the best upgrade I put on my Harley. Very easy to dial in, if you can adjust a carburetor you can set this up and no computer needed.

On my Vee I used a Yosh Box to dial it in and have to say that is the best mod I've done to it.

Hope this helps, Glenn
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