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I have a couple questions for the experts.

I have an '04 Wee with about 12,500 miles. I changed the oil and plugs recently and I realized I am due to sync the throttle bodies. I spent a couple evenings studying the service manual and the threads on this forum. I made a $4 manometer over the weekend and removed the tupperware.

First, I checked the secondary throttle plates; they were very close so I left them alone. I installed the vacuum hose extensions, warmed up the engine, and attached the manometer. I restarted the engine and increased the idle to about 1400 rpm. The two sides are off a little bit, so I want to make a slight adjustment to bring them in line.

Anyway, on to my questions:
(1) There appears to be no gap between the throttle lever and throttle lever stopper screw (manual specifies 0.007-in/0.17-mm gap). If I just release the throttle, there is a metal/metal click, so I am pretty sure they are in contact. Is it important that there is a gap here?
(2) If there is a gap here, what stops the throttle when released? How will it return to the same position every time?
(3) Is the lack of a gap a sign that the throttle cables need adjusted, or is it better just to leave those alone?
(4) I didn't do anything with the throttle position sensor. Should I have checked this first or just loosen the stopper screw so there is a gap (the service manual says to check this after TBS)?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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