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This weekend I hosted a Tech Day. My job was the Valve Check and other things since I had the tank off.

In nice fashion, all eight valves were within spec. One was right on the limit, but the others were in the middle. I decided, since the bike is running very, very good, to leave everything alone and recheck in about 10k miles when I host the next Tech Day at my house in late summer or early fall. When I do it at that time, I will have the shims purchased and ready for replacement.

Since I had the font of the bike stripped down, I also replaced the airfilter and checked/cleaned the spark plugs.

A couple of interesting notes.....

First of all, I was pleased as punch that the bottom of the air box was absolutely clean and dust free. I had been hearing that many of the VStrom air filters were not seating as they should and were leaking dust and dirt. Mine was tight as a fiddle string!

My bike has 15,500 miles on it. The manual calls for new plugs every 7,500 miles. I have already doubled that amount. All four plugs were in very good shape without any breakdown to the plug points. I decided to give them a cleaning, reinstall and run them for another 6 months. Anyone see a problem with this decision?

Also, I noticed that the coolant tank under my gas tank showed that it was a little low. What would be the reason for loosing coolant? I am not aware of ever running the bike when it was too hot and boiled over. In the next 3-4 weeks I will be installing the TouraTech skid plate and oil cooler relocation kit. That job requires me to take off and trim the lower radiator which time I will completely change the antifreeze and refill. Anyway, I just had a question about the level being a little low with 15k miles on the bike.
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