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Straight from the manual.

Main fuse: 30A
Fuse: 15/15/10/10/15/15A
Headlight: 12V 60/55W x 2 (H4)
Brake light/Taillight 12V 21/5W x 2
License Plate light 12V 5W
Turn Signal light 12V 21W
all the indicator lights are LED (no vibration issues!)

Dry mass is listed at 418 lbs. Seat height 32.3 inches. It's a bit taller than my 97F650ST.

Nothing else useful is listed regarding the electrical. I was hoping for at least the generator output. All it says is "Generator: Three-Phase A.C. generator". Gee, thanks.

Fuel tank capacity, with reserve, is 5.8 US gallons.
Engine oil, with filter change, is 2.9 quarts. Engine coolant is 2.0 quarts.

Rear rack is rated at 10lbs. Total GVWR is 926lbs.

Suspension is adjustable:
Front: spring preload
Rear: spring preload, damping force

The toolkit has about 40 little tools in it. They aren't high-end by any means, but I removed a half-sheared bolt from a difficult position on the front end with them. The wiring harness is well-constructed too- I was able to disconnect the harness from various pieces very easily. The digital speedo and tach means no fussy cables going up to the instrument panel. The panel itself mounts with a couple of screws, and has a nice master harness connector- much nicer than a few dozen individual connectors.

The radiator has a couple of studs coming out of the sides of it, and the bodywork attaches to them (I think). In a wreck, they may have a tendency to pull out. The sides of the radiator are aluminum, so it would take a bit of force. But I've got a swiss cheesed radiator now.

What else do people want to know? I am missing some pieces now, but I'll provide the data I can.

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Tedder, I know you didn't get much chance to ride the DL before your accident, but I was curious about your impression of the fuel injection on the bike. Mainly, is there any lean surge when maintaining a constant speed under, say, 30mph or so. I have this problem on my KLR650 which makes the bike hard to use in slow traffic. I know that fuel injection can also have this problem (i.e. the BMW GS) so I'm a little curious about the VStrom. Dan
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