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I would like to change my sprocket size to give me a little more low end grunt and when riding in the twisties it seems that the majority of the time second gear is too low and third too high. I would like to go with adding three teeth to the rear sprocket instead of going with one less on the countershaft sprocket as a smaller front sprocket can cause your chain to wear faster. I ride an '05 DL650.

While I was cleaning, lubing and adjusting the chain yesterday, which still looks great with only 4000 miles on it, I thought I would check to see how much adjustment room there was. It LOOKS like I might be able to get a two tooth bigger rear sprocket on but doubt very seriously if I could get the extra three teeth I want without going with a longer chain. I can't see replacing a perfectly good chain just to do the sprocket swap.

I know going with a bigger rear sprocket is going to raise my RPM's and lower my top end speed. In my case due to my weight (285) it may increase my top end. Lol.

My question is has anyone changed to a larger rear sprocket using the stock chain and if so how many teeth were you able to add?

I guess I could go one tooth smaller on the countershaft sprocket for the time being and then swap rear sprockets and go back to stock up front when it is time to replace the chain and go with a longer chain at that time.

Thanks, Hoppy
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