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DL650 Hard starting in cold weather with cold engine

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I have a 2007 DL650 with 43k miles that is hard to start every time it sits overnight in cold (40dg) weather at high altitudes. Whenever it does this I have to hold the starter button down and open the throttle a small amount untill the bike idles on it's own. As I am doing this I can smell gas coming from the engine but I can't see it. This bike has had a history of idling weak when the engine is cold from sitting overnight and when the weather is really cold. Other than that the bike starts fine in all other situations.
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I have the same issue with my Vee, in cooler weather left outside, I have to babysit the throttle till it can idle on it's own, I'm in perfect tune, TPS adustments, TBS, plugs, AF, etc.

never had to do that with my carbed 1st gen SV650, sure it had a choke, ya always had to use ti first cold start of day, but it was consistent how ya used it and ya didn't have to baybysit a throttle, even down to 25 below

I chalk it up to Suzuki as a corporation saving a buck, SVs, V-stroms are the budget bikes of their market, there a good design, but put together with budget bits, primitive FI is just one of the budget bits

my vee's been doing it in cold weather ever since I bought it new, my solution is to park it in my basement in winter so it always starts like its 65° even if its -15°, but its also convenient for other reasons as well.

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