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I did a little maintenance on the rear end of the bike to the tune of removing the swing arm and greasing all of the bearings and installing a new chain and sprockets from SV Racing.

I was actually surprised at how easy everything was to do, despite a mistake early on (sheared a bolt head off at the clutch release assembly)

I do have a question about removing the exhaust though. I found that I had to put the bike on its side stand because the OEM centerstand was in the way. Even on the side stand I had to jostle the centerstand up and down. This normal or did I miss something while removing the exhaust?

Also, the "connector" sleeve that fits in the joint between sections of the muffler, is that reusable? I was able to get one out without any visible damage but the one at the rear cylinder I damaged.

There is a note in the service manual about using permatex 1372. Where and how should this be used? It didn't appear that there was any there to begin with.

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