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DL1050 V-Strom with sidecar

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I case you're wondering if you've overdone it a bit with accessory burden....

Below is a link to an item I spotted on eBay, whilst looking up the older DL1000. The seller erroneously lists this bike as a DL1000, when we would all recognise it as the DL1050 same cc rebrand. This isn't my bike by the way, which isn't for sale and may be seen on my posts in the pinned "Show us your DL1050!" thread; although it does happen to be the same colour. My bike - a commuting workhorse - definitely doesn't have a sidecar 馃ぃ

DL1050 with sidecar

I would like to have copied the photo across, but I don't want to infringe copyright. For clarity to the moderators - I have no association with this listing, but as I'm sure you'll agree, this is a must see!

Imagine filtering (lane-splitting) with this rig through the London rush hour!
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I can't say I'd want an outfit, in many ways they combine the drawbacks of both bikes and cars. Expensive to set up properly, expensive to maintain and expensive to run. Just imagine the fun of doing chain maintenance on this. And yet I can't help thinking that they would be a heap of fun.

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I have never ridden a side car rig, but have heard from a few who have. They all agree it's odd to handle. For the older and sometimes physically challenged, trikes seem to be the better way to go.
Though I admit to being interested in the Ural, for its off road utility, mainly the shaft drive and spare tire that can be used in any position.
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