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DL1050 side fairing removal

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I haven't removed mine yet, but soon will be. It looks like (in the shop manual) they use some type of double sided tape/adhesive in certain sections to secure the LH/RH fairings to the tank. Has anyone replaced the adhesive before re-installation or just re-used the original? I'm really not a fan of this kind of fastener when it comes to fairings.
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The fixing is not an adhesive, it is more like a very stiff velcro and is reusable. The velcro like material is held onto the panel with adhesive so it is possible that it could detach, particularly if it is too hot when removing the panels so I wouldn't advise local heating during removal but I wouldn't like to remove the panels when too cold either.
You do need to be slow and careful prising off the fairing at the two points it is used each side as it has quite a grip. Try to get as close underneath as you can to prevent stressing the long panels as you carefully prise the panel off. When reinstalling it also needs a firm pressure directly where it is located to properly engage the velcro like material. It is not velcro like with regards to sticking with light touch. A little masking tape or a sticky label identifying where the material is helps with knowing where to firmly press.
All doable but disconcerting the first time.
Thanks, @DL1050xt. I also found this on you tube.
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