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DL1000 K8 running rough, low power, hot front cylinder exhaust

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Hi, I’m looking for troubleshooting advice to fix my DL1000 K8.

-Low engine power
-Sputtering/popping sounds from exhaust at idle or any RPM
-Engine sometimes stalls during deceleration
-Red hot/burning inside the right exhaust (looking into the muffler)
-Right muffler hot enough to melt the plastic above it
-Right exhaust pressure feels higher than left exhaust pressure

Here’s what my mechanic did recently to the bike while troubleshooting the low-power issue:
-Plugs checked
-injectors cleaned
-connections checked
-throttle body operations checked
-added coolant to reserve tank
-Cleaned k&n air filter and re-oiled it

The bike ran fine last year, but apparently didn’t like sitting in the garage unridden since then. :-(

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Not an expert with these specific engines, but all the symptoms would point to a lean condition on the front cyl. If it was me, I'd start there.
If the problem in fact only exists in the front cylinder, perhaps the front boot/clamp aren't fully seated or tight enough. Another idea is maybe the injector o-ring isn't sealing well or is too hardened to seal well or was pinched a bit on install after the injectors were cleaned. Hot usually means lean, so those two ideas represent ways that air could be sneaking into the front cylinder. If the injectors were thoroughly cleaned I suppose that eliminates a semi clogged or poorly working injector. Lastly I am not sure if too-tight of valve clearance could cause heat issues, but maybe that's possible as well.
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Just so we know for sure, you didn't wash the bike right before all this started, did you? Some riders have had trouble with the drain hole in the front cylinder plugging up, which allows water to puddle around the front spark plug.
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