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the odometer stops at 199,999

I can't show the 200,000 mile photo, as just like those bikes tracking in kilometers, the US version also stops at 199,999. As smart as the Japanese are you'd think they would have something like this covered. I guess Suzuki meant for me to buy the new Yammie Super-T?

You can find previous writeups for the 100,125, 150, 170K. This is basically a summary of the last 200,000 miles for my DL1000 K3.
100,000 mile K3 DL1000 writeup
120,000 mile V-Strom check in
150,000 mile K3 writeup

part replacements from 170K to 200K:
replaced stator at 172,580 mi.
replaced rear cylinder water o-ring at 177,711
replaced front brake pins at 178,295
new battery at 178,924
replaced steering head bearings and fork oil at 180,600
chain & sprockets at 184,001
new (used) front brake rotors at 197,791

200,000 mile totals:
oil changes=50. average every 4K mi
oil filter changes=25. every 8K mi
front tires=11. average mileage=18,169 per tire
rear tires=16. average mileage=10,966 per tire
chains=9. average 22K mi.
sprocket set=4. average 50K between changes
front brake pads=10. average mileage=20K
rear pad changes=2.
valve adjustments=4. slight adjustment needed at 133K
plug changes=5
fork oil changes=3.
cleaned air filter=14. average every 14K mi.
tickets=3. (two speeding, one passing on double yellow)

I use Fram PH6018 oil filter, 10x40 Castrol Syntech, EBCHH front brake pads, unleaded 87 octane gas & Metzeler Tourance tires. I get between 39-45 miles per gallon and with the 7.3 gallon tank I get around 300 miles between fill ups.

The engine does not use any oil between changes and has run very well the past 7 years with no surging, etc. There has never been any clutch chudder or other abnormalities. The front cylinder boot to the air box does come off from time to time and the green OD light comes on whenever it wants.

Here is a list of items that needed changing over 200K, mostly due to wear:

rear exhaust muffler gasket, front brake switch, steering head bearings, front and rear wheel rear sprocket bearings, shock linkage bearings, front & rear cylinder water o-rings, stator, water pump seals & bearings, front brake pins, front brake rotors, clutch slave seal and those gaskets around the clutch pin/sprocket, fuel filter.

I estimate these replacement items over 7 years cost less than $1000.

Overall it's been the best bike I've ever owned. It has been through 48 states and all but three Canadian providences. A great bike for only a little $7000 in 2004, with bags and centerstand thrown in for a song :)


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200k on Fram oil filters??!! You could start a riot on the oil filter thread. Better not speak of it.

Regarding the ODO not passing 199,999, I think Suzuki owes you a new bike that starts back at 0.

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I think that's the highest I've seen on a V-Strom. I rode one from Nashville to Phoenix that had 95,000 on the odo when I left Nashville and I thought that was high.

WERA 688, huh? Are you going to be in Nashville in a couple of weeks?

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Congrats and thanks for keeping your maintenance/repair log as you've been putting on the miles.

I can only hope I hang onto my Strom as long and have as much luck with it as you have. (And put anywhere near the miles as you have... God I'm envious!).

Continued Good Luck!

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Very cool! Congrats. I have the same year and same color, but my mileage is a pittance of yours. I hope mine lasts as long.

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Kinda like my 1989 VW Jetta, the gears in the ODO stopped meshing correctly at about 170,000 miles. It only measures sporadically now, but would theoretically record to 999,999.9 miles. I just guesstimate it has about 230,000 miles. It's probably worth about $500.00 at this point, so as long as the gas gauge works, I don't sweat the mileage :thumbup:

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Congrats on the longevity! Question: How did you manage a 7.3 gallon tank? Mine is only 5.8 USG. >.<
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