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DL1000 Gearing

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On Hawaii Island, we have no limited access highways. On our "highways," you don't exceed 60 mph unless you want a ticket (wink wink, nod, nod!)
I just bought a 2008 DL1000. I do intend to do some off-road work, but mostly roadwork.
While putzing around, I find first gear to be kind of tall for the trail, and I NEVER have the opportunity to let her go in top gear.
I am looking at replacing the stock countershaft sprocket (17t?) with a 15-tooth sprocket.
Does anyone have any experience with this setup? Does it work? Any chain guide block issues?
Please only respond with experience (seen it or done it)
The bike only has 6500 miles on it so I'd rather not replace the rear sprocket because I believe chain length could be problematic, and I don't need/want to replace it yet.
Thanks, RB
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First of all, Welcome to the forum!
And second, I would go for a larger rear sprocket. I believe that there are calculators online that can help..
The chain guard on the swingarm would get worn faster with a 15-tooth front sprocket. And its always best practice to replace both sprockets and chain at the same time...
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It is very common for people to go down one tooth on teh countersprocket for the 2014+ DL1000. One tooth doesn't matter much. But @Jonstorp 's point is correct. A smaller front sprocket causes the chain links to work at a higher angle when traversing the bend aroiund the sprocket. Theorhetically resulting in greater wear.

Most folk will tell you to go up on the rear sprocket instead to avoid that tight bend on the countersprocket.

Of course if you are only half way through teh life of a chain and sprocket set, changing the front sprocket saves the cost of the new chain you would need for the longer trip around the new rear sprocket. And front sprockets are cheap.
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I dropped from 17 to 16 on the front of my bike, cause it was a quick way to try out shorter gearing.

I love the improvement when working with the lower gears, first gear crawling up hills is more comfy, and I feel like nothing is really lost on the highway, I rarely do more than 75 mph for an extended period on the slab.

That said, when it comes time to replace the chain, I'll get a 45T rear sprocket and return to 17 on the front for the wear properties mentioned above.
When you order the smaller countershaft sprocket also order a swingarm chain buffer, the plastic guard that keeps the chain from wearing on the swingarm.
LOVED 16 teeth on my '14 DL1000.
I prefer down 1 tooth on the front and, in your application, 1 tooth up at the back sprocket - simultaneous. That's a lot IMO, but might be just what you're looking for.
I went with a 16 front 43 on the back on my 2007 DL 1000 and it's perfect for Oregon logging roads as well as serving me well on a 2000+ mile trip to San Diego and back a couple weeks ago.
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