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I am now the proud owner of a V-Strom DL-650 A - and my previous bike was a Hyosung GT 650s. I think I can give a good comparison between the two.

Hyosung GT-650s v-Strom DL-650 Abs
:DPrice Australia $9000 $10 790

Build Quality
GT-650s – Brake levers really bad, Gear Assembly pedal – bad, switchgear Bad.
DL-650 – 800km on the bike – all still sweet.

It is hard to compare the 2, they are rather different in ride. The Hyosung has much more power but the Suzuki is much better to ride. The Hyosung is a real pig to push start ( You get great big compression skids in 2-3 gears!!) The Suzuki just tick away and starts up.

The Hyosung GT-650s got more an more annoying as time went by until I wanted to blow up the bike!
Here is a list of what went wrong:

I bought a GT 650s in 2004 and can confirm that this Motorcycle was designed well, got good reviews, but unfortunately all the major (expensive parts) just don't go the distance. My rectifier and instrument panel were fighting for first place in the “I just failed again category” having been replaced 3 times, - I discounted the brake pads after the 4th set – and so the story goes on. Oh yea – I have a great engine for sale! The engine is the one good thing about the bike, it is connected to a gearbox that has – 2 Neutrals. So changing gears is 1, N, 2,N,4,5,6. The engine is actually great for a rebuild, only done 12000Km and the gearbox can be fixed, but you’ll have to strip the whole thing to get at it.

I’m sad to sound so negative but I wonder if there are any others out there who feel the same as me! I now ride a Suzuki and the name speaks for itself.

Things that broke that I can remember

Approx Speedo
13000 Replaced engine
New engine – 12000km to trade in.

Gearbox – 1x (Engine and gearbox replacement – approx $2300)
Rectifier- 3x
instrument panel – 3x
Both front disk rotors – 1x – Current set (Badly worn – sold with Trade in)
Back Disk rotors x2
Stater Button – flew across the floor 1x – New Unit
Headlight 2x
Battery x2
Gear Shifter x1
Carbie – Seals 1x
Front Mudguard – epoxy fix 1x
Steering head bearing – found on Trade in
Wheel bearings –found defective on Trade in
Chain and sprocket 2x

Pretty Stuff
Staintune – Great Exhaust! Improve sound 1000x
Indicators – White – trendy
Screen – smoked – worked well- can now read the turn signals on the dials

Set of tyres – Bridgestone 1st set – not to bad
Pirelli Diablo – Back tyre 4000 km – sticky but cost a lot.
Power Pilot 1 – not to bad (better than Bridgestone)
Power Pilot 2 – Great

Not bad for an approx 24000Km bike. :)weapons_8:joke – I could of bought a new CB “RRRRR” for the money I spent!)
I’m looking forward to spending money on Fuel and services only! Are there any other Converts from Hyo GT-650 to Wee-Strom out there?
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