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Found a used 2011 engine for sale near by. I ride a 2014. Wondering if they are compatible? Dont need but if price is right and the same why not. Thank You for a reply.
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More than likely, yes. You can make anything happen if you try enough. Like to put a new SV650 motor in mine.

Look at some pictures on ebay with used motors for sale.
Not the same. The 2011 motor is Gen1B (2007-2011) which was based on the original SV motor. In 2012 Suzuki redesigned the SFV Gladius motor for the DL models 2012 to 2016. Very similar motors but transplant might be difficult or impossible esp. if the frame mounts are different but I'm not sure about that. Also, even if it fits the ECU and harness would almost certainly have to go with the 2011 motor so it wouldn't be plug-n-play.
ECU and throttle bodies will be the problem. Frame mounts are more likely the same than that. (Same crash bars and centre stands fit both models)

I owned a Gen 1 and a currently have a Gen 2. As others have said you can do anything, it's just that some anythings require more cost and effort.

The Gen 2 motors are a little nicer as well, better low end. (Not as night and day a difference as the 1000 but it'd still be a step back)
Thanks so much to all who replied. I will pass. Always looking for parts for the future at a good price. Still a bunch to learn about this bike.
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