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DL 1000 Speedo options

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My gauges need to be replaced due to an accident by the PO. I'm trying to replace them with a used OEM set, due to the price of buying new. I've been looking for about 1.5 months with no luck.

Is there another Suzuki that uses the same speedo?

I cross-referenced part numbers and didn't come up with anything, but I thought you guys might know something I don't.
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What year if it is 02 or 03 just be patient on ebay they do show up every now and again.

the 04 to 09 you should find fairly easily just keep a look out on ebay we rebuilt the whole front end of a DL1000 02 for under 400.00 with used ebay parts.

good luck and look every day parts at good prices go fast
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