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Hi everyone,

I have the same problem with some people here regarding the engine stall.

And I've searched threads here, mostly the common problems are throttle SYNC, TP sensor or the air cleaner box not installed very well.

I've done TP sensor adjustment on my K4 in the begining of 2010 but nothing better. Before this I replaced the air cleaner with a KN "high flow" and did a throttle SYNC, fast idle adjustment in the END 2009 <--- no tall occured before this.

She stalls usually while engine warmed very well, sometimes at traffic light while stopping with clutch pulls back, and sometimes after each 50-100 KM ride then happens during traffic light waiting.

I can't accept this anymore so decided to do those jobs again today(I doubt there're some mistakes occured by myself) but everything is OK...

IAW service manual the STP sensor should be adjusted if necessary, then I did this since those jobs were all OK.

Then something happened!

Manual said the resistence of STP sensor should be 1.1K with STV fully closed. But mine was just only 0.33K?! I tried and it couldn't be adjusted back to 1.1K according to the manual's 2 methods.

The manual I'm using is for K3, is it ok for K4?

And if it's ok for K4, is that means I should replace my STP sensor due to it's out of range?

At this moment I had a little sad so turned on to 2 injectors since manual said this might be a problem if clogged.

After cleaned them(with GUNK CARB medic) then put everything back to normal, started the engine again then the fast idle brought RPM up to 3000?(original was 2200~2500, outside TEMP 25C ), it drop back to 1250 after fast idle cut then I watched it around 3 minutes the RPM seems more stady then before and no engine stall after the coming 5 minutes(it stalls everytime during each engine starting/warming in the past year, even though the water TEMP rises up to the 3 rd block) I didn't do a test ride due to no time availiable today. Maybe I should...

Is anyone come across this problem on STP sensor?

Thanks for advance

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