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As some of you know, I rode out to the VMD in Ohio last weekend. Before leaving I knew that I had to do something about my seat. My butt aches at about 30 miles and it's painful for any ride past 50. The way I fit on the stock seat puts all of the pressure on my ischiums and creates a miserable condition. I had ridden out to southern Ohio last summer which was 100 miles less each way at 340 miles and my butt burned so badly that I was actually standing on the pegs occasionally while riding...not something I recommend.

I didn't have 3-4 weeks time to wait for a Corbin seat so I did a bit of research and made the following mods to me seat. I should have taken pictures but I didn't think about posting this until afterwards so I hope that you'll be able to get the idea of what I did through the following;

First thing was to contact Chris at Beadrider to order a "ultimate" beaded seat cover. We did everything over the phone and he left it for me under the doormat at his home for me to pickup since I couldn't wait for him to ship it...a class A guy. Next, I took my stock seat inside to the kitchen table and removed all of the staples from the front to the rear two thirds of the way back, just about 3 inches past the "hump". The pros will tell you to use a side grinder for best results as a knife just won't work very well. I have a very, very good set of shears which I used with good results. I cut and laid a piece of some 3" closed-cell foam rubber that I had over the front "nose" and "seat" part of the riders section of the seat being careful to match it up the rear section, then I CAREFULLY cut down the "hump" section about 1-1/2" being sure to use a fade cut so it rolled into the new, now equal height foam. I undercut it a tiny bit to allow space for my tailbone to sit without pressure. I used 3M spray adhesive to secure the new foam to the existing. Then after I was satisfied that everything was positioned properly, I pulled the cover back over the foam seat keeping everything in place by sliding my hands under the cover to help guide and "form" it. I pulled the cover taught over the very front of the seat and secured it in place with a couple of Stainless staples. Then I worked from the back and pulled the cover nice and snuggly to each side and secured with staples. I made sure to actually compress to new foam as I pulled the cover over tightly and simply worked my way to the front.
The idea was to partially compress the new foam so it would fill the cover and make it look "tight".

When I was done, you couldn't tell that the seat had been revamped by looking at it...that's how easy it is to do a pro looking job.

The next morning (1:30am) I took off on my trip and had absolutely no seat issues all the way out or back. 450 miles each way and I could have gone a few hundred more! I can move around on the seat without being held into a single position and the New York taxi drivers are really on to something with the beaded seat cover! So for the 55 bucks Chris charged me and the hour of work that I did, I have a very comfortable seat now. I will warn you that the mods added an inch or so to the seat height so @ 6 FT, it's a little more difficult to flatfoot my bike then it used to be.

As you can see in the picture, there is no longer a big hump between the passenger and rider sections and for me, has made riding my bike that much more fun.




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Congrats and thanks for the thorough write-up.

I didn't want to alter the stock seat, so I layered several pieces of carpet foam together (3M adhesive) and trimmed appropriately. I stuck the new "cushion" between the seat and a sheepskin cover I already had. Didn't look pretty, but much better than stock for me. I've since put a "tall touring saddle" on and it's not too bad, either.

I had a KLR which had a "bench" seat - rider and pillion same height, one continuous piece. You could slide fore and aft probably a foot or so. Why all saddles don't allow that is beyond me. No matter how good the seat is, I can't imagine not wanting to shift around a little from time to time.
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