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DIY Tankbag Electrical Question

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I have a wolfman something or other tankbag and I want to run an electric connection into it for charging the cell phone etc. Somewhere I have seen DIY grommets for passing the wire through but searching my bookmarks high and low and Googling around I am coming up empty.

Anyone know of a source for something like that? I'd have sworn I saw them not long ago at one of the big on-line retailers but I am having no luck today.

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Thank you both for the prompt reply! I think I had seen them at EB - funny thing is I was trying to find these things so I could then place the correct order with him! This simplifies things.

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If it's a budget thing ( like with me ) , I ran a tri-cig-plu up from under my seat ( mounted a single plug under seat) into the tankbag, there I have a 2 usb plug in one of the cig plugs. It works greaty for what I need.

I will do something nicer one day
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