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I was cleaning out my tool chest and found these....

They were left over spacers for brake calipers off a VStar, that I had years ago. 2-3/16" from center bolt holes.
Remembering about a thread I read a couple days ago about mirror extension..:bom_bulb2:
So I tapped some threads in them, got some bolts at a local Canadian Tire (need a longer bolt for the left side) and painted them....

The left side requires a standoff to get the extension above the switch housing, (thus the reason for the longer bolt). I had a couple larger nuts laying around so I used them as spacers. (painted them too.)

And right side....

Like many of us with the stock mirrors, I often found myself moving my head forward trying to see in my mirrors and what's behind me. Most all I could see was my arms. It was nearly impossible to see the vehicle behind in the same lane without moving my arms towards my sides.
I thought about those little stick on mirrors but never was fond of that and I just dealt with it.
Until now, when I saw those spacers, and the initial thought was I'll do it just for the sake of doing it. Or as a friend says.."for shits and giggles":confused:

I must say, the results are great!! First time sitting on the bike with these on, I saw a huge difference. I can still see my elbows in the bottom left corners. Thats ok, as just above my elbows I can now see a 1/4 of the givi 52L trunk from either mirror. Which means I can now see Everything behind me.

Some have also found that buffeting and wind noise was reduced. I haven't done any highway rides yet, but will tomorrow on my way to work.
I will post again if there's anything worth mentioning regarding wind and noise.

So for anyone on the fence about this, I highly recommend. My cost was 90 cents for 2 bolts.
Don't know what these cost at a dealer, but it can't be much. and only a couple minutes to install.

Just though I'd share....Cheers

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