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So at least 6k miles with no gasket.
what kind of ridng, mostly pavement, its likely most of the dust is pollen not very abrasive and combustable, dust from a dirt/gravel road can be abrasive I have never personally observed and engine ruined from dirt road dust, but I'm sure it happens , I have observed an engine ruined from winter dust, dust from winter riding is usually deicers & sand, very abrasive and corrosive

obviously yer 6k isn't in winter or at least most of it, salt dust can destroy an engine with no air filter in just a few thousand miles, many years ago, a friend of mine rebuilt (new pistons rings, jugs) a VW Beetle engine around Thanksgiving, he commuted 60miles round trip highway and probably did half as much rural northeren new england winter driving, by mid February he new something was obviously wrong, we pulled the engine and tore it down, the combustion chamber looked as if it had been sandblasted,(piston tops, head, valve heads, stems, seats top half of jug was scored) there was grit in the oil, all because the air cleaner element got left out

just missing a gasket would take a lot longer probably, I doubt you have anything to worry about, it did what it did, now that you have it fixed, it won't get any worse, if you haven't noticed any loss in performance, it couldn't have done much

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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