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Dirty Fuel

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Hi guys this is my first post after sitting on the side lines for a while ,
Purchased my wee about 2 months ago (2011 model ) as a replacement for my 20 year old Bmw K100rs . Very pleased with the wee but for a problem with dirty fuel , the bike was a little funny ( stalling on the first attempt sometimes ) on cold starts from new but started well when when hot and went well , heaps of power (they go more like a 750 not a 650 ).
At the first service I told them about the cold starting so they hooked it up to the computer , alls well I was told when I picked it up.
The cold starting got worse as the temp dropped , I through I had a faulty temp sender , so i dropped the bike off to the dealer in Bathurst (I live in Orange N.S.W Australia , we lost the Suzuki dealer here in Orange about 3 months ago - went broke ).
Got a call from the dealer saying the wee was down on fuel flow caused by dirty fuel which had partly blocked the low pressure fuel filter :yikes: and was not covered by warranty so it was going to cost me $130.00 :furious:.
Picked up the wee a week later (no filters in stock ) , boy does it run sweet now , cold starts and all.

I didn't pick up:headbang: that the wee was not running as well as it should have because i think it got the dirty fuel when they filled it at the dealer (new) or the first top up when i got home to Orange , in both cases the fuel came from a service station !!!!! By the way I am a mechanic :???::???:
So Beware, just because you buy fuel from one of big name fuel companies doesn't mean its clean , i work on chainsaws and lawnmowers for a living and we see a lot of problems caused by fuel .

Here is the filter, looks like its done 20,000km not 1,800km !


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i work on chainsaws and lawnmowers for a living and we see a lot of problems caused by fuel .
i'm guessing that you caught them before they got their tanks re-filled. There is a bunch of sludge and gunk that collects in the bottom of the tanks, not to mention moisture. if you continue to have problems you may want to consider either adding the external fuel filter mod. Personally, i try to find stations that are pretty busy, as they tend to get fuel delivered more often. Small, out of the way stations may have old fuel that has had time to mix with the gunk, and/or may be low, as it is not always cost adventitious for them to fill up the tanks as often.
The external filter modification can't be done on 2007 or later Wees.
When I topped up in Orange it was at one of the most busy servos in town and the servo the dealer used would be the same I think. The worst time to get fuel at any servo is after a truck has dropped a load of fuel , i know of one servo in Orange (not the same one as i topped up at ) where the first two cars after a load of fuel was dropped got clean fuel but the next six or so filled up on water.:thumbdown: , it made the local paper.
Im looking for a sock type filter that goes in the filler under the fuel cap, my son has a long range tank on his DR650 and has ordered that type of filter for it, pity its filler hole is bigger than the wee's :-?
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