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Got used to the BMW gear readout. Found this on on EBay when Action Station had a "garage sale" a couple of months ago. 10 minute installation.

This review from SportRider mag describes it well.
"We also tried Datatool's digital gear indicator, the Digi, on the FZ1. The Digi taps into the neutral, electronic speedo and tach wires, and from that calculates what gear the bike is in. The display itself is a 1.5-inch LED, which corrects for ambient light and is plenty bright enough. As with the Rev Light, the Digi was easy to install, and programming was a simple matter of running the FZ1 through its gears on the centerstand. On the road, the Digi takes about a half-second to recognize a gear change, but reliably indicates the correct gear as long as you're moving-it sometimes gets confused on downshifts until it receives the neutral signal. The $90 Digi is one of those useful things that, once you've ridden a bike with one installed, you wonder how you ever managed without."

Here's a picture of mine mounted:
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