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. . . a TBS (pretty neat fix), and installed my SW-Motech centerstand (I like it, and Big-B was right - maintenance is cake now).

Unfortunately, my vent mod on my stocker screen is nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing as MonkeyGrass' mod, but it's actually very functional. The vent is huge compared to the one on MonkeyGrass' Vee (I used a 7 1/4" dia. cardboard template, laid it flush on both sides near the bottom of the stocker, and scribed my cut line), but I can't complain about any backpressure now.

The stocker is on the lowest position, and my helmet is in clean air i.e., I have mild wind noise with my Caberg flip-up, but no buffeting. I can live with that.

I'm thinkin' I'll make a SLIGHTLY smaller vent for my Cee Baileys screen come next winter. Thanks for the idea, MG! :D


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