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Installing Rear Motoz Tractionator. Been a bear. Contemplating murder (joke). I've emailed Motoz but am not optimistic, they don't include a phone number which shows they don't really want to communicate with people.

Thought about reaching out to Rocky Mtn where I bought the tires, but they did not know that Enduro tires don't always have heavy point marks so I'm not sure they're knowledge on tires is that great.

Any help is appreciated as we wait for the Motoz people to wake up in AUS, but even then who knows when they'll get it my email, if ever.

Thank you!

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G'day from the land down under. As usual a popular topic. Since our local tyre shop in town decided to close it's doors for good, I have a steady flow of visitors to my tyre changing machine. Gone are the days of the dreaded tyre repairs or changing. But Just a cheap basic model, but it makes the job much more enjoyable. Lube is your friend. I bought the professional stuff with my machine, along with a set of motorcycle rim jaws that clip on and make the job even easier. Well, it's either that, or it's a 500km round trip to pay someone else to do it! I get that not everyone can justify having one, but as a farmer/race car driver/motorcyclist, it's almost essential for me. Happy to let others use it when they need. Happy trails
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