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Hi I'm thinking of a Strom for 2-up riding. My wife and I would like to demo a Wee and a Vee if possible. We live in Lansing, IL but could drive/ride to ride. Not in a big hurry to buy waiting to find a deal.

My plan:

I have a KLR now and my wife started to ride with me this this year and loves it. We mostly did short rides out to dinner and get ice cream up to 60 miles a day. Then we did a two day ride up to Michigan about 450 miles. And she still enjoyed it and said we need a bigger bike. :eek6:

I was convinced I was going to get a KTM Super Enduro for my next bike. It would have been the perfect all around bike for me. Until the longer 2-up rides. So I started looking at KTM Adventures. I really like them and was set but the price. I was in Colorado a few weeks ago and got thinking I don't want a big expensive bike out there. And would like to ride more trails and single track than a KLR or Adv would offer.

So this is where I'm at now. A used KTM 525/530 EXC or a 690 Enduro for the dirt riding, and DS riding. And if I can find a 690 it would be my everyday bike too. Then the Strom would be used for the 2-up riding only. I don't see any long trips on it since I don't have any ridding buddy's and my wife is fine with the weekend trips. She doesn't like the interstate at all on the KLR and a bigger more street bike might change that. But I don't think so.

So Wee or Vee? :confused: I bet no one has asked before? I have read some post here and on ADV about the 2-up riding Wee vs. Vee and it seems there is no real answer to which is best. I am leaning to the Wee because of cost and the shorter weekend rides not long interstate rides.

Any tips or suggestions would be great.
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