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Who can help me crack the Suzuki parts code? I'd like to pick up target-of-opportunity spare pieces when they appear on fleaBay, but can't quite figure out what fits what.

Ex: there's a blue gas tank up for auction right now -- from an '04 DL1000, part #44110-06G10-YBA. OK, but my K7 Wee says it needs #44110-06G30-YKY, while a blue K7 1000 calls for #44110-06G20-YKY.

So clearly the first part, 44110, refers to a gas tank. And apparently the last three letters refer to the color (although I wonder why '04 blue is YBA and '07 blue YKY; are they different?). But how about that mysterious middle number, which seems to change whether it's a CA model or not, but also by year. Has the basic configuration of the DL1000 tank changed from 04 to 07 so that it has gone from being a 06G10 to a 06G00 (or 06G20, depending on CA spec)?

Anybody speak this foreign language? Hell, I was a codebreaker in Army intelligence (no oxymoron jokes, please) and I'm confused.

Or if someone doesn't know the code translation but DOES know for sure that all gas tanks (or other parts) are adaptable to all models, or which will fit which, that would be nice to know. In fact, a complete cross-fitting list would be great as a sticky, perhaps with contributions by owners who have actually transplanted parts across models themselves.

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I found this on line:

The numbers before the dash tell you the part, the #'s after the dash mainly tell you the bike model.

For example
12830-18G00 is a cam chain tensioner for a 03-04 GSXR 1000
12830-40F00 is a cam chain tensioner for a 2002 and earlier GSXR 1000

45300 is the # for a rear seat assembly
But according to the 2003 parts book I am looking in there is no 22D bike for this part # or any others that I briefly peaked at. Either it is a 2004 bike, an ancient model that they don't make parts for, or is a bad #. My 2004 parts book is in the trailer some where in the middle of Colorado right now.

I have no idea what bike 22D is. In general the 3 digits after the dash tell you what model bike the part is for.

I don't know if there is a list for the 3 digit bike model codes. It is not in the general parts book and I have never seen one. I only know the past 5 years or so of GSXR codes.

The very, very first digit will give you a clue as to the general area of the bike the part is for. (This is a very rough interpretation) If the first digit is a 0 it is a bolt, oring, or some tiny little part. If the first digit is a 1 it is a engine part/gasket... If the first digit is a 2 it is somewhere is the vicinity of the transmition... 3s are for batteries, stators, speedo...4s are around the tank, seat, rearsets...If the first digit is a 5 it is a part related to something from the handel bars to the front wheel... 6s are shock to the rear wheel... There aren't any 7s or 8s. 9s are bodywork, accessories, and apparel
I don't know how accurate it is or where to find further code listings.

I'm in the parts business (Ford) and every manufacturer has their own system. It's not in the manufacturers interest to provide more info than they have to. I have people call all the time and ask if this will fit that or that will fit this and I can only confirm stuff I have direct experience with because the manufacturer doesn't publish that type of info. It could cost them sales.

I can tell you that just because a part is not listed for a certain application doesn't mean it wont fit or work for something else. Ford uses the part number system to track all kinds of different information that doesn't pertain to the end user. For example if they can change the packaging for a specific part and they will change the part number even though the part itself is the same. That new part number will only be listed to fit the current and subsequent models. That part number wont be listed for any older model it will fit. You can look up the part for the older model and it will track the part number change to the new model but not backwards from the part number to the model.
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