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I am the proud owner of a 2006 DL1000. I love this bike. It does everything for me very well. I am tall and I love to ride so this bike is perfect for me. I would have bought a BMW GS if it was priced like the V-Strom and there were actually dealers out there like my Suzuki dealer, Wheel-A-Way Motorsports in Fulton, NY. They are awesome. Fantastic people to deal with.

Now, the reason for this note.

I am worried that Suzuki might stop making this amazing motorcycle some day. There are many of us that ride that realize that the simplicity and rideability of this bike are rivaled by few in the US market today. This is because motorcycle manufacturers aren't making many bikes that fit the niche that the V-Strom fits in. If they are making them they aren't bringing them to the states (thanks Honda and Yamaha for examples of this). We need options and Suzuki is giving them to us. We don't ride cruisers or sport bikes, we need V-Stroms!

Please do not force me to overpay for a motorcycle in the future. Please keep providing me with choices and thank you for the awesome job you're doing with the Strom currently. I love this bike!


Kevin D. Boutelle
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