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Datel Volt Meter Switched or Not?

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I am waiting for a Datel model DMS-20PC-1-DCM Voltage meter to arrive. In goiing to install it in a Rich Hughes auxillary shelf just above the ignition switch. My question is should the meter be run through an on/off switch, from of a switched source or just straight from the battery? How fast will the display run the battery down?
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I would never have anything that does not run through a switched source.

If your going to add other stuff just add a fused relay, Mine is zip tied on the frame rail and activates off of the license plate light. its like under $10. If the forum has said anything its that the electrics are WEAK over long term ownership.
I am also adding relays for the headlights , maybe just the low beam thats on all the time.

I think I will look into making a voltage sensor over the winter
An LED would light when there was more than 13 Volts. It would just say you are or are not charging
Just a little hole with the led pocking out.

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The factory heated grips connector located behind the radiator is a good source for switched power. I used it for an led voltage monitor. One source to pick up a connector to mate with it is Eastern Beaver.
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