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Cruising Eastern Washington

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On my way to the "BEST OF THE BEST" Eastern Oregon road ride
Yeah I know these pics look familiar. nvr2oLd was on the same route a few hours ahead of me.

Abandoned railroad

Camping at Cow Lake. Not a soul around

6am leaving Cow Lake

On my way to Steptoe Butte

On my way up to the top of Steptoe

Atop Steptoe

Steptoe behind me

Met up with Jim and Mark in Dayton. Headed to Indian Lake campground in Oregon to meet up with the rest of the Strommers.

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Primitive road? Crikey, that's a far better road than many country roads here.

As soon as I saw those cropduster pix, I thought of the scene in North by Northwest!

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Great pics Brenden. Did you swap out your tire yet? If so how did it look on the inside?
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