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Okay, I know this is not a V-Strom question. But here goes anyway. I installed a cruise control on my wife's naked SV650 a while back. I initially installed the cruise control with just the coil signal it worked well initially. However it has recently been flaky (I think this is associated with hot weather) so I decided to try using the gray wire to the VSS wire. On the SV650 this was the pink wire with white stripe in the headlight. The pink/white wire is tapped by the gray and is not disconnected.

I used the same wiring as outlined in this post,4611.0.html

The cruise control works great with the gray wire running to the pink and white wire.......but..... no speedometer and no odometer, the speedometer shows 0 and the odometer does not move. When I disconnect the gray wire from the pink and white wire I have a working speedometer but of course no cruise.

I suspect that the problem is associated with the V-Strom having an analog speedometer display while the SV650 display is digital with LCD for speed. I am thinking about trying an adjustable resistor. Perhaps if I can find the right level of resistance there will be a point at which the cruise control and speedometer both function. Any comment? Any other ideas or work arounds?
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