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Hi all,

There is currently a thread on best Crash bar/skid plate/CS combo and although this is similar to that i have some specific questions and a requirement to mount Rotopax on the Crash bars and am hoping you can help with knowledge/experience with the products i mention below specifically.

Brief background: I've just bought a brand new Wee that i pick up in a couple of days and am answering the age old question of best protection combo. I have a few deciding factors i'm using:

1. Function over aesthetics (if its extra functional it looks better in my eyes - i'm weird like that :nerd:)
2. Cost (Holy S*#! - weak Aussie dollar and freight is a killer!!)
3. Crash Bar specific: I want to mount rotopax on the crash bars for weight distribution - based on my hunting through the forum lets just assume they're both for H2O (as apposed to one for fuel and one for h2o) when i go around Aus. I'm sure we can all agree its dry and thirsty work in the middle of Aus and it would be nice not to die of dehydration should an unforseen extended stoppage occur in a desert like situation:wink2:
4. Bash plate specific: Must not mount to header or engine, therefore must mount to crash bars. Needs to be able to take a proper hit on a Wee wallowing along under load on tracks that are recommended for 250's/400's with support vehicles

So far i have narrowed Crash Bars to:
Givi TN3101
+ I like that they have 2 screws/bolts per connection and allow for an Enduro Guardian Bash Plate
- The designed coverage doesn't appear to protect as much of the bike as the HT's and also look as though they may limit the height at which i could mount rotopax to them
HT Crash bars
+ A lot of coverage and protection for bike. Higher mounting points and more options for mounting farkles in general.
- Single screw/bolt per connection to the bike. Can't use Enduro Guardian bash plate

I've got the Bash plates narrowed down to:
Enduro Guardian
+I'd love this. Yann has already responded to 2 emails from me in a matter of hours. Tough and good looking, doubt i could go wrong here.
- Cost, damn weak AUD and freight charges to Aus :furious:. Can only use with the Givi bars which may not allow for my Rotopax intentions.
+ made local thus cost is fine. Tough as nails.
- Mounts to engine/header (personally this is a deal killer BUT i've read that others have modded the connection so it affixes to bars instead so the door is open on this)
+ Cost is down (still breathtaking % of new bike cost) as can combine shipping with HT bars
- Cannot find anyone admitting to having them on Wee. All threads etc never answer this Q except buried in the middle of one someone mentioned ordering for a '12, receiving it and promptly putting it on the scrap metal pile. This doesn't bode well.

Ideally i'd go HT bars with Enduro Plate but they're not compatible and would cost me around $1200AUD which is just too much.

I'm thinking the highest ranking combo against my criteria is the HT bars with B&B plate (assuming it can be modded to mount to the HT bars) - combo cost around $850AUD

I could also go the Givi TN3101 with the Enduro Plate which would set me back around $1000AUD but i'm concerned the givi bars won't be rotopax mount friendly nor as protective as the HT's in general.

So after all of that what am i looking for help with? Most pertinent question(s) would be:
1. If you have the TN3101's could a rotopax 1.75G (13.5"x15"x3.5") be mounted and not get in the way of your legs or anything else (assume its centred around the part of the bar that forms the closed loop)
2. Is the mod to the B&B plate mount solid and secure? And has anyone specifically done this to HT bars?
3. Are the HT bars really more protective overall than Givi's (especially given they only have one bolt/screw per connection vs Givi's two?)
4. Has anyone anywhere ever mounted a HT skid plate with the HT bars and what was their experience with the products (i'm aware of the HT customer service issues - couldn't be worse than the experience i just had at a couple of dealers trying to buy my new bike)

I know its a long post, but i've been searching and searching over this topic and am looking for help/guidance. Any and all will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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