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Crash bar attachment to upper engine mounting brackets. Changes gen 1 to gen 2?

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I'm wondering if the upper engine mounting brackets (V shaped with a long through bolt) were strengthened in 2012 and beyond. I see that Suzuki started using that mount as an OEM crash bar attachment point in 2012. But I also see that many aftermarket crash bars go out of their way to avoid using that mounting bracket and through bolt as a mounting point. I have a 2006 and I'm wondering if it is ok to use that as a crash bar mounting point. My 2006 upper engine mount brackets are cast hollow on the back side, with cross bracing in the casting. Are those mounting brackets solid or different/stronger on 2012 and beyond? Thank you. I've got my eye on the Outback Motortek crash bar which attaches there.
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I personally prefer not to use crash bars that make use of the through bolt. You have to decide for yourself on this one.
Have a look at Can this Wee Strom be saved? Engine mount oil leak!
Also take care when installing as some of the listed bolt torque values in the maual are too high, so double check before over tightening.
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Can anyone comment on the structure of the upper engine mount bracket, wee 2012 onward? Yes, I did see the above thread, thank you. It seems inconclusive about the cause of that oil leak, and mentioned that the bike has never been dropped, making me think the mount may not be the cause. Caution noted.
Since Suzuki chose to use the DL1000 frame for the 650 to save development costs... I dont see any reason why the. 650s engine hangers would have changed from gen 1 to gen 2 ...or gen 3.

The 2023 DL650 still uses the main frame from the 2002-12 DL1000
With reference to the reply in #4 of Crashbars, there may be a compatability issue when it comes to some earlier model vs newer model V-Strom crash bar.
I would think that any crash bar supplier should be able to confirm which range of crash bar will fit on your specific model ride.
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