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Crankcase breather tube epoxy plug

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I've just gotten a 2007 Wee and noticed some oil coating the clutch cable and the general area above the front cylinder head. I noticed some oil there during my initial inspection of the bike, but honestly just chalked it up to normal use for an older bike like this.

Upon a closer look it seems like the crankcase breather tube is not attached to the airbox at all and is just floating around spraying oil vapor around. The pipe from the airbox has an epoxy cap over it. Is this some Vstrom mod or something? Never seen anything like this and dreading removing the tank and airbox to remove this and reconnect the breather tube

red = epoxy cap
blue = breather tube

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After some poking around think that is actually the PAIR hose connection that is plugged, which makes sense since there is an aftermarket exhaust on this bike. And the breather tube connects to a pipe farther back on the airbox it seems like. Still learning the ins and outs of this bike so I was pretty confused seeing this.

I think im going to go ahead and tear off the tank and airbox just to learn more and re-connect this tube :D
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The air box should have a chunk of black foam in it where the breather plugs in, this helps the oil vapor turn to a drip and fall out of the air.

The 650 does blow a lot of oil if used at high speeds for quite some time.
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That bit in red is how my UK 2012 came from Suzuki dealership from new. Nothing missing and nothing plugs in.
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