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Well, after working from home for a bit, I logged off and played with the strom. I lowered the front end 1/2" (12.57mm for you metric folks), added a 2" powermadd riser, and installed the eastern beaver wiring kit for the brake light on my trunk.

I didn't realize I'd have to take off the grab bar/trunk mount and mounting plate to get to where the plugs were so while I had the plate off, I cut two holes in it so that I can put on or remove the grab bars/trunk mount without taking off the trunk plate. That also meant that I could put the plate on with the grab bars off of the bike which made it so much easier!

The riser took a bit of work since I had to move the clamp for the brake line so that I had enough slack. I also had to retie some of the cables so that they had slack as well.

Overalll I'm pleased with everything. I was plesantly surprised that the stock shield on the madstad bracket is still sufficient even with the riser in place.

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