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I am trying to operate the Nuvi 765T from an Interphone F5.
Pairing is successful, and the Nuvi's music/audio is playing properly through the F5's headset
But once I change the F5's mode into intercom and then return to Media player, the Nuvi's media player goes nuts - audio is stack.
I have to re-boot and re-pair to get audio to work again :(

Did the same experiment with my Android (HTC Incredible) as a media player - works 100% fine.

Also updated the firmware to 4.40, but not success either.
So I have to conclude that the Garmin firmware is buggy.:furious:
I read in the internet about people with similar issues.

Any ideas? :confused:

I'm thinking of perhaps adding a bluetooth streamer/transmitter - a device that would accept input from the GPS 3.5mm output and would stream it as blutooth.

I'm looking for something that is really hands free - auto pairing, uses an external power source (no battery) and also does not need turning on manually every time the v-strom switch is turned on.
The blackberry device looks interesting, but one comment was that it goes nuts sometimes when the engine is turned off. I actually plan to have that device connected 'hot' (i.e. unswitched), but then I again I might need to have some master switch (used before ride in morning, switched off after at night) so it doesn't work all the time.

Your comments and ideas are very welcome
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